We ALWAYS share the profit
from ALL businesses
with ALL Partners.

Do not miss the Main Event in the History of Network Business!
Teams from all over the world are uniting into one big Association of Joint Teams (Global Team Building Community)!
Join the Board of Directors or the Council of Leaders of Solidar Club!


  • Do you have your own team?
  • Do you want to follow many business projects and trends with this team?
  • Do you want to get stable profit from many business projects?
  • We share profit Always, from All businesses and we share it with All partners!

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Participate in regular international meetings of Team Leaders, investors and all active Internet entrepreneurs!

You have the opportunity to advertise and promote your business directly during conferences. Tell about your business project to the target audience of the club!

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  • Someone could say: «Unfortunately, I do not have my own team yet, but I also want to keep abreast of new business opportunities. I also want to receive income from all the business areas that will be presented in the club»
    So, why wouldn’t you join one of the club’s teams now? All the teams will be represented on our website soon.

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* We recommend to pass your personal data to Google Form. That is important for us to contact you.

SOON!!! In the coming updates of the website:

  • 1. Gallery of Team Leaders from all over the world! You will be able to choose yourself who to work with!
    Today we have in club:

    business training centres
    applications for participation
    partner companies

  • 2. Free CRM system for All Club Teams. Numerous advertising services of the Team Solidarity Club (free as well)
  • 3. Free trainings for Leaders and their Strategic Planning Teams.
  • 4. Announcements of the new international projects, the founders of which have decided to hold their first presentations exclusively for Solidar Club Teams!
  • 5. The Gallery of the projects that promote Solidar Club Teams.

Now, let’s summarize. So, what is Solidar Club?

  • Solidar Club is a professional social network for building relationships between team leaders. We are sure that successful business means high-quality relationships first of all, therefore we regularly gather the Council of Leaders for meetings.
  • We provide the opportunity for Team Leaders to speak to the entire audience of the club, tell about their business and attract new partners to their team.
  • We are preparing a range of services that will help team leaders and their partners promote their own business. All these tools will be free. We do not accept any payments, as we are not a commercial organization.
  • We do not decide which business projects to choose for team leaders - this is their personal business, and their personal responsibility to their team.
  • We popularize for free all teams that have their own training and support program for new members. Our goal is to attract new candidates to your team and your business.
  • One of our most important goals is speed and quality in transmitting new information. Be always the first to know about potential trends! The speed of receiving and transmitting information to the target audience is the main advantage of Solidar Club.
  • Soon we will present you a lot of amazing news, including technology that will allow you to profit from all the businesses that appear on the market! Follow the news, and start your cooperation with us now!!!