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Invitation to participate in conferences

Greetings to you, friends! We conduct online meetings of Network Business Team Leaders weekly. Teams from all over the world are united into one big Association of Joint Teams (Global Team Building Community)! Everyone can tell about his business! I personally invite you to the next international meeting, which will be held simultaneously in several languages. You will have the opportunity to tell about your project, share information with leaders of other teams, as well as listen to other participants.

How is all this going on? Participants perform for 5-10 minutes. If you want to not only attend but also tell about your business, let us know. Your task is to interest club members in their business proposal in order to attract new partners to your business.

Briefly about the prospects of our club. Team leaders will be able to enter the Association Governing Council and profit from many business projects that will appear on the market! Always be the first to know all business opportunities. The network industry will change forever....

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